Zhang Sah’s mission concerned with the advancement of both physical and mental development of its students both inside and outside the dojo.

     Our commitment to our mission requires special attention to the lives of our students and goes beyond just paying for classes, passing tests, and earning rank.  Individuals who train at Zhang Sah have chosen to do so not only as a way to attain/maintain physical fitness or build/refine techniques, but also to perfect their character through experiencing new and balanced ways of being and approaching life.

     Whether cross-training or matriculating, Zhang Sah students enjoy a professional, cordial, and traditionally authentic training atmosphere that appeals to both the fitness/wellness minded and discriminating martial artists.  Our experienced staff members are committed to our mission and consumers’ wellbeing and development.

     Zhang Sah is proud to offer a comprehensive programmatic inventory, developed by Master Sandone, which is rooted most prominently in the traditional martial art disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, Karate Do, Aikido, and Judo.

     The programmatic inventory offers both progressive matriculating martial arts curricula and effective cross-training adjuncts for children and adults ages 4 and older.

Curriculum                Age

Pre-M.A.                          4-7

Budo Primer                  8-12

Kid 2 Kung Fu               8-12

Teen Budo                      13-17

Budo                                13+

BQX2                               13+

Kung Fu                         13+

Capoeira                         8+


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