Martial Arts For Kids

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CURRICULUM                 AGE

PRE-M.A.                          4-7

BUDO PRIMER                8-12

Pre- MA (Pre martial arts for kids ages 4 through 7): The focal point of the Pre-MA centers on developing skills and mental focus in preparation for Budo Primer class.  Pre-MA students earn stars (Dragons) and stripes (Tigers) on their belts to identify their accomplishments and reward them for their hard work and dedication.   The class concentrates on listening skills, focus, coordination, and cooperation. FYI: Your child will need these skills to be successful in school   

Pre-M.A. includes Tae Kwon Do and Judo

Instruction by Age Group:

  • Dragon (ages 4-5)
  • Tiger     (ages 6-7)

Budo Primer (School age martial arts for kids ages 8 through 12): There is an emphasis on Tae Kwon Do techniques and forms, Judo Ukemi (falling), Katame Waza (grappling) and Nage Waza (throwing) techniques while integrating key character traits. This is a well-balanced design to teach techniques, while improving physical conditioning and augmenting athletic abilities.

Budo Primer includes Tae Kwon Do and Judo

Instruction by Age Group:

  • Ninja          (ages 8-9)
  • Samurai (ages 10-12)


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